What's Going On in 3rd Grade?

Reading/Math Group 1 (Monday's Class)
A-Maze-Ing Shapes Unit will begin on Monday, February 18th. Students will be keeping a geometry notebook at school during this unit. I have provided these notebooks for them to begin on Monday.
Journal Questions - Students will be answering these questions in their journal.
  • What new information did you discover today?
  • How does this new information relate to previous lessons?
  • Explain how you might use this lesson in a real life application.
  • What did you value about today‚Äôs lesson?

Challenge Cards are optional activities. You may see them come home in your child's AIG folder.

The Father of Geometry - Watch the video below.
Euclid-The Father of Geometry

Using a Protractor

AIG Math
Students who are identified into the AIG Math program will be seen on Wednesdays from 10:05-10:40. They will be challenged using the Problem Solver Series. Sometimes students may not finish their classwork, and may be asked to work on it throughout the week to turn it in the following class day.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsMvoui5WlQ - Sierpinski's Triangle

Homework Assignment for AIG Math Students ~ Finish Sierpinski's Triangle, and return to school on Wednesday, March 20th.

April 10
We have recently started studying Financial Literacy for the 4th nine weeks, and will continue to incorporate the Problem Solver Series.

April 17
Students discussed today about a Monthly Budget and what expenses are. Discuss with your child a monthly budget, and the importance of budgeting your money each month.

May 1 - Moving in a slightly different direction for a couple of weeks - GRAPHING

Students have been working on their graphing, and learning about collecting data. This seemed to be an unexpected challenge for the students, but they have conquered the assignment well.

AIG Reading/Math Group 1
Students will be participating in a program called Jacob's Ladder for Reading. This program extends students' skills in reading, thinking and communicating. Students will be exposed to poetry, myths, fables and nonfiction sources. Weekly discussions will develop students' skills by asking questions, formulating opinions, and supporting their ideas using evidence from the readings.

Students will also be participating in Interact Units or Project-Based Learning activities that involve both math and reading.

We will alternate between these two types of activities.

AIG Reading Group 2

Students - please finish your poems, and then send them over email to Mrs. Kochakji.

A Voice For Animals

Students in this group have started reading in the book series called Junior Great Books. Students will be given the chance to read the story numerous times, each time developing a deeper understanding of what they are reading. The stories provide opportunities for the students to discuss the book while focusing on an inquiry question created by the teacher. Students will be using sticky notes to jot down thoughts and questions as they read.

May ~ Students have been working diligently to complete their Keynote presentation on how they would utilize a great amount of money to voice for an animal of their choice. They have completed lots of research, and worked with a partner to create a presentation that details their Services, Target Clients, Benefits, Timeline, Resources, and Why Invest! Their creativity is most impressive!

10 Species Near Extinction


Students are asked to have a 2 pocket folder for keeping their information.

3rd Grade Testing Results for AIG will be coming home on Friday, February 1st. If you have any questions, please contact the GES.

3rd Grade Match Team Meeting
Monday, December 10th

3rd Grade Parent Meeting
Thursday, November 8th at 8:15

All students in 3rd grade will take the DAP on Tuesday, October 30th. DAP make up testing will be on Wednesday, October 31st.