Multiplication and Division Word Problems

We are completing several lessons such as this through the website


May 9 - Students worked today on discovering what makes a great story. We discussed how authors and movie directors are able to grab the attention of the reader! Students took the time today to read through some wonderful picture books while discovering various styles of writing!

Their homework assignment is to complete their short story by next Thursday, May 16th.

Students were able to work on their short stories in class Monday. Remember, students to have more than 1 LONG paragraph. Paragraphs typically begin when your story has a new thought or direction.

Instead of SAID use....

We will continue writing our short story while learning the fundamentals of story writing.

Be sure to check your child's folder this week for their Book Project Rubric. Students used the rubric to score their own presentation and book project. They were certainly nervous presenting their project in front of their peers. Presentations will continue to be practiced next year.

AIG End of the Year Project ~ More information to come!

Short Story Writing Assignment - Students will begin writing a short story when we return from Spring Break. Use the mini packet as your brainstorming sheet over the break! You never know when you will encounter a great idea for a story! :)

Reminder: The Book Project for The Watson's Go to Birmingham is due next week! (March 18th) Students will be presenting their book projects in class on Thursday, March 21 so please have your materials ready.

Make sure you have all of your questions complete as well!

As a continuation in our study of the Civil Rights Movement, students are researching an important person from this time period. Students were allowed to choose anyone that was influential during this time. In class, they will be creating a presentation on their person using KeyNote (on the I Pad) OR they have the option to experiment with Glogster at home. Ask your child who they have decided to research?

A newer Book Project Ideas file was downloaded with more choices. Check it out below. The Book Project for The Watson's Go To Birmingham can be turned in anytime between March 18-21.

Jacob's Ladder

Each Monday, the AIG Reading group works on the Jacob's Ladder series. We are currently reading various poems from JL, and students have sets of questions to answer each Monday. They are allowed to work independently, or with a partner.

Socratic Seminar

Students are expected to come prepared for their first socratic seminar on Thursday, February 21st. In their folder, they have the lyrics for the Bob Dylan song. The seminar will continue again on Thursday, February 28th as we ran out of time last week.
The Times They Are A Changin'

Seminar Guidelines - 4 Questions to be answered prior to the seminar.

The Civil Rights Movement (Feb/March)

AIG Reading Students in Thursdays Group will begin reading The Watson's Go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis. Each Thursday, there are a set of questions due. Please stay on track, students!

Students will begin researching an infamous person from the Civil Rights Movement time. Here's a collection of leaders to choose from, or you can submit your own person.

Reading Guide for The Watson's Go to Birmingham

Copies of Chapter Questions

Choice of Final Projects - Watson's Go To Birmingham BOOK PROJECT DUE during the week of March 18-21. The attachment below will give you lots of ideas for your book project. If you think of a different project you would like to do, please talk to your teacher first.

This is a different file than the one before (more choices).

Students will be choosing one book project to complete from the list.

If you borrowed My Brother Sam is Dead, please return the book to Mrs. Kochakji

Back on track....week of February 4th.

AIG Reading - Mondays and Thursdays, 10:05-10:40
AIG Math - Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9:15-10:00
The new schedule has been updated on the wiki.

Chris Van Allsburg


January 7 - January 11th - Coaching Week. I will be in all the classrooms this week. Pull-out groups could happen based on a students' need.

January 14--17 - Testing for AIG. There will be no classes on these days.

January 23 - 25 - Coaching Week

During the coaching weeks, I will be visiting the classrooms and assisting the teachers as needed. If there are any questions concerning the coaching week, please contact me and I'll be happy to explain more. Thanks!


Candy Cane Math Stations will continue on Monday and Tuesday next week. The only project that is take-home is the activity "Chopped."

Project-Based Learning Activity ~ The Christmas Shoes
Students are completing this activity during their 4th grade pull-out times.

North Carolina Road Trip Project

Flags of the American Revolution


American Revolution Webquest

Week of November 26 - 30

They are still finalizing their NC Road Trip project in math, and will be finishing up soon. Students should begin printing maps at home if possible using yahoo maps or mapquest of their journey. It is important to refer to the project guidelines and rubric when working on your project at home (optional).

Students will begin a detailed unit on the American Revolution following their field trip to Moore's Creek on Friday.

Women and the American Revolution

Flags of the American Revolution

My Brother Sam is Dead - Historical Fiction Novel

4th Grade Reading Outline

Week of November 26 – November 30th

Read chapters 1-5

Post comments and thoughts to Edmodo - Discussion Question #1

Week of December 3 – 7

Read chapters 6-9

Post comments and thoughts to Edmodo

Week of December 10-14

Read chapters 10-14

Post comments and thoughts to Edmodo

Vocabulary Spiral

American Revolution Map.gif


Students are continuing to study the Electoral Process, and we will be discussing specifically the Presidential Election and the Political Parties in the upcoming weeks. Next students will begin working in their campaign groups to "Run For President." The roles students will portray include: Candidate, Publicity Manager, Campaign Manager, and Speech Writer.

Today students were introduced to an extensive math project called NC Road Trip. They will be designing a trip across North Carolina to visit 3 cities of their choice from the Coastal Plains to the Piedmont and Mountains. They will be responsible for choosing points of interest from each area, and calculating the costs of these interests. Students will also keep track of their mileage during their NC adventure. A particular budget will be presented to them so they will need to plan accordingly.

Students have been given the option to work alone or with a partner on this project. We will continue this project in class throughout the month of October.

SeptemberLife Map Project ~ Picture map/timeline of events that are important in the lives of each students. Students will begin by brainstorming a list of events that are significant to them.

Students will begin learning about the Presidential Election Process through an Interact Unit. In this unit, students will: form campaign committees, and take on unique roles; candidate, campaign manager, publicity manager or speech writer. Students will encounter unexpected national events and will then learn about writing briefing papers, create advertising materials, and write speeches.

North Carolina and the American Revolution