What's Going On In 5th Grade AIG?

5th Grade nominations for the AIG Program will not be accepted after March 1st.
End of the Year Project ~ More information to come!
5th Grade students have a choice between a Service Learning Project or Local History Project

Save the Frogs


A professor from UNCW will be here on Friday, April 12th to discuss Save the Frogs and how we can help. AIG Students will be asked to assist at the Science Festival/STEM on April 19th from 5-8pm at UNCW.

Please let Mrs. Kochakji know if you can attend the Science Festival/STEM Fair at UNCW on Friday, April 19th from 5-8pm and volunteer your time.
5th Grade AIG Students are asked to draw a picture or compose a poem relating to Save the Frogs!

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Math ~ Work on your Sierpinski's Triangle this week! Also, students are to work on several problems this week dealing with problem solving strategies. There are 2 problems each day for students to work on! Since we have Spring Break next week, please keep the problems in your AIG folder so we can discuss them after the break.

New Reading Assignment - Creating a profile - Student profiles should be turned in next week (Week of March 18th). Students can either neatly write their profile or type.
Writing Rubrics

Students are learning about their strengths and weaknesses, and the importance of being honest to themselves and to others. Students have been asked to try and find a profile of a person to share with the class next week.
AIG Students have been asked to create a personal Line Plot ~ collecting data on something that is significant to them. Their personal line plots are due in class next week (March 4th and 5th)
Algebraic Packet (All levels should be practiced) - Complete at least 10 problems by next Monday, February 25 or Tuesday, February 26 (depending on class day).
AIG Students have been working on exercises taken from the book by Edward Zaccaro - Challenge Math. Students are currently being pulled out to work in this program. Sometimes students will bring home unfinished math work from this book. Please assist your child in completing the worksheet if needed. Some students finish in class, and others need more time at home.
Challenge Math Activities
Algebra Level 1 WS - DUE on Tuesday, February 19th.
Girls - EVEN numbers, Boys - ODD numbers
(Adair's HR - I will see you on Wednesday about this - choose 1 to complete)
5th Grade Math Vocabulary
January 7 - January 11th - Coaching Week. I will be in all the classrooms this week. Pull-out groups could happen based on a students' need.
January 14--17 - Testing for AIG. There will be no classes on these days.
January 23 - 25 - Coaching Week
*During the coaching weeks, I will be visiting the classrooms and assisting the teachers as needed. If there are any questions concerning the coaching week, please contact me and I'll be happy to explain more. Thanks!**
Dining Out Project DUE NEXT WEEK - December 17th and 18th
The "Who" Project - work on the rest of the project at home this week and this weekend. Please turn it in on Monday.
View this video on the Civil War
Create using Tagxedo - http://www.tagxedo.com/
Create using Wordle - http://www.wordle.net/
Starting Monday, December 3rd....Mrs. Williams and I will be working together on Measurement Stations within the classroom. I will be in the classroom with her and working with the students during the Measurement Unit.
End of November......We are finishing up the Dining Out Project in class! Students have worked very hard to determine the tax and tip for their dinner out with their friends. The final project will be due on Monday, December 17th. Please remind your child to go back and look through ALL STEPS!! Students have the option of typing their final project, or neatly handwriting their project!
Civil War Information
Civil War Assignments
Please read the following articles prior to our field trip.....
The Road to Secession: Part 1
North Carolina as a Civil War Battlefield: Part 2 -
Wartime North Carolina: Part 3
War's End and Reconstruction in North Carolina: Part 4
Driving Tour Markers
5th Grade Students: For the next couple of weeks, please work on a few problems on finding the tax and tip. The worksheet was given to you in class this week. Next week is a Coaching Week so we will not have classes the week of October 29th. Also, please review the political parties packet you created in class.
Each AIG student needs a 2 pocket folder for class
Students ~ I will meet you at the church for class starting on Monday, October 22nd. The time for us meeting will be from 8:15 - 9:00. See you then!
Students are continuing to study the Electoral Process, and we will be discussing specifically the Presidential Election and the Political Parties in the upcoming weeks. Next students will begin working in their campaign groups to "Run For President." The roles students will portray include: Candidate, Publicity Manager, Campaign Manager, and Speech Writer.
Students were presented with a Dining Out math project today. This project requires students to plan a night out to dinner with their friends. During their planning, they will be calculating the cost of their dinner, determining tax, writing a check for dinner, and calculating their tip. We will continue to work on this project in class.

Life Map Project ~ Picture map/timeline of events that are important in the lives of each students. Students will begin by brainstorming a list of events that are significant to them.

Students will begin learning about the Presidential Election Process through an Interact Unit. In this unit, students will: form campaign committees, and take on unique roles; candidate, campaign manager, publicity manager or speech writer. Students will encounter unexpected national events and will then learn about writing briefing papers, create advertising materials, and write speeches.
Along with this unit, students will take a deeper look into the Civil War. Students will listen to music, read books and examine art from this time period while gaining a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of the American Civil War.
Soldier Vocabulary - http://score.rims.k12.ca.us/activity/manswar/pages/soldvocab.html
Battle Hymn of the Republic -
Civil War Site (same one on Edmodo) - http://www.radford.edu/~sbisset/civilwar.htm
President Lincoln and George McClellan following the battle of Antietam, 1862, in a tent near the battlefield
President Lincoln and George McClellan following the battle of Antietam, 1862, in a tent near the battlefield