AIG Enrichment Academies

Offered on Fridays....Academies will be starting on Friday, October 5th!
Academies are selected by the students, and offered to students throughout the year. Academy choices change monthly. The academies allow students the opportunity to explore a topic of interest in more depth.


1. How to buy part of Wendy's: Learning about the Stock Market!"

2. Global Read Aloud - Students were chosen for this academy.

external image 11594337.jpg
external image 11594337.jpg

Reading Schedule

Week 1: pages 1-78, October 1-7
Week 2: pages 79-14, October 8-14
Week 3: pages 147-23, October 15-21
Week 4: pages 237-300, October 22-28

Global Read Aloud will include students reading the same book that many other students are reading across the country. They will have the opportunity to correspond with other students utilizing the internet (edmodo).



How do I make a Paper Crane?


Fossils and Public Speaking

Fossil Websites


Debate and Poetry


Miniature Dream Tree House and Creative Writing

Supply List for Tree House
Interesting branches (we started out on a walk in the woods)
Popsicle sticks
Random bits of wood (they sell bags of assorted wood pieces at Michael's Crafts)
Tongue depressors
Larger log or scrap wood for a base*
Drill (I will supply the drill).
Wood glue
Hot glue and hot glue guns
Small toys and figures


Marble Maze and Fashion/Design


Marble Maze and Pulleys/Levers/Planes and Fulcrums for GIRLS