North Carolina and NHCS give administrators the right to grade and place students. Seeing a need for guidance in making these decisions, the AIG program adopted the Iowa Acceleration Scale and created a Subject Acceleration Checklist to assist schools.

Whole Grade Acceleration is typically used at the primary level, or gradesK-5. In NHCS we use the Iowa Acceleration Scale to guide decisions about whole grade acceleration. This research-based scale considers a child's ability, aptitude, achievement, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, social and emotional needs, and a number of other factors. In addition, there is a planning tool to assist schools in monitoring the progress of accelerated students.

Subject Acceleration is typically used at secondary level, or grades 6-12.In NHCS we use the NHCS Subject Acceleration Checklist to guide decisions about subject acceleration. Like the Iowa Acceleration Scale, many factors, including assessment data, student performance, and social/emotional skills are considered. Schools are encouraged to develop a monitoring plan for students during their first year of acceleration.

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